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About the specialty

Electric and autonomous transport

Electrical engineers will be able to solve professional tasks in such areas as automobile production, repair of general and special purpose machinery and equipment, maintenance of vehicles and equipment, engineering and technical design and provision of technical advice in this area, technical testing, research, analysis and certification, research and development in relation to electric transport.

Equipment and technologies of highly efficient material processing processes

Specialists are trained to work in workshops, design, technological and innovation-technical divisions of machine-building enterprises, in the departments of mechanics, designer, technologist and repair shops of enterprises of many branches of the national economy. The sphere of professional activity is the analysis and development of product designs and technological processes of their manufacture, assembly, organization of production and repair of mechanical engineering products, design and manufacture of technological equipment, modernization of metal–cutting equipment, tooling and tools, research and scientific and technical developments in the field of materials science and technology of structural materials. The possibility of further study in master's, postgraduate, doctoral studies.

Technical operation of cars (public and personal vehicles)

Specialists are being trained to work in almost all spheres of the national economy related to the operation, maintenance, sale, repair of automotive equipment, organization of transportation and management of the automotive industry in subjects of various types of organizations and forms of ownership. Field of professional activity: technical operation of motor vehicles; transport and transport activities; scientific activity (research of methods for ensuring the technical serviceability and environmental safety of cars, improving the efficiency of their technical operation).

Transport logistics (road transport)

Logistics specialists are being trained, who, having professional knowledge, ensure effective logistics activities of enterprises and organizations and thereby contribute to solving the most important socio-economic problems of the national economy and the national economy of the Republic of Belarus, satisfying the interests of various categories of consumers. The training program is aimed at helping future logistics specialists professionally solve a complex of complex professional tasks related to the rational organization of cargo turnover and cargo flow. Specialists can hold various positions in the organization: logistics; freight forwarder, transportation engineer (as well as deputy director of logistics; head of integrated logistics service; head of regional distribution center; head of terminal complex; manager of material flows (products); manager of retail chains; integrated logistics manager; head of procurement department; head of sales department; head of transport department; cargo transportation supervisor; logistics planning analyst; warehouse manager; warehousing supervisor; head of production organization; supply manager; sales manager; distribution supervisor; customs broker; transport analyst), as well as work as a logistician and economist in subjects of various types of organizations and forms of ownership.

Professional competencies

Specialty 1-36 01 04 "Equipment and technologies of highly efficient material processing processes":

- development and development of new and modernization of existing technological processes of mechanical processing of parts and assembly of machines, hardening and restoration of parts that ensure the required quality of machines at their minimum cost and maximum labor productivity;

- design and manufacture of advanced technological equipment, equipment and equipment for mechanical assembly, hardening and restoration;

- organization of work to improve the reliability and durability of parts and assemblies of various functional purposes;

- organization and management of mechanical assembly production;

- carrying out scientific research in order to improve the efficiency of mechanical assembly and repair production and the quality of products in mechanical engineering.

Specialty 1-37 01 06 "Technical operation of vehicles (public and personal vehicles)":

- management of the technical condition of vehicles;

- technological design of individual elements and enterprises of motor transport as a whole;

- provision of installation, repair and maintenance of technological equipment of motor transport enterprises;

- design of technological processes of technical impacts on motor vehicles;

- development and development of new ways to maintain the technical condition and restoration of cars and their elements;

- ensuring the quality and effectiveness of technical impacts on cars.

Specialty 1-27 02 01 "Transport logistics (road transport)":

- organization and design of logistics systems in transport;

- operational management of traffic flows;

- management of the main logistics functions: orders, inventory, transportation, warehousing, packaging, service;

- administration of logistics systems: controlling and auditing;

- formation of global logistics systems and international logistics;

- participation in the development and organization of production technology;

- development and economic justification of investment projects for the development of the organization;

- organization and conduct of marketing research on the market conditions of logistics services.